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Pro-gamer's Thoughts

On August 3rd, 2007, all the Korean pro-gamers enjoyed a spectacular game of Blizzard's latest in the making - StarCraft II.

One pro-gamer in particular played StarCraft II and had something to say about it. In an interview after experiencing the wonders of StarCraft II, the Korean website GameMeca interviewed Kang Min, otherwise known as Nal_rA.

Q: Your personal impressions on StarCraft II?
- Well, this is my first time playing it so the game is a little of complicated for me at the moment, in terms of units and buildlings. (laugh) But I think the game is getting better and gives off a feeling that the units have gotten stronger.

Q: It seems to be easier to control?
-The controls haven't really gotten any different. You get the feeling that the control of units (etc.) are easier but since it's different for each person, so I can't really say.

Q: How is the Protoss race?
-In Brood War, it showed that the Protoss was weak early game and get stronger late game, while it is the opposite for Terran. But in StarCraft II, it seems the Protoss is strong enough even in early game.

Q: In StarCraft II, do you think that the Protoss still have the competitive edge?
- I think that if they can pay off to warp in strong units, it will still maintain a strong race.

In the given link below - you can see a third person view of Nal_rA playing StarCraft II.

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