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StarCraft 2 Campaign Preview

It has been more than a week since Blizzcon and some of us are still recovering from the Blizzcon hang-over, but for those of us who have missed Blizzcon itself, videos all over the internet are giving us a first hand look into StarCraft 2. One such video is a preview into the StarCraft II Campaign, and if you still haven't seen it yet, do it. Seriously.

A large incandescent glow emanates from a large planet as the camera slowly moves past the metallic hull of a Battlecruiser and into the bridge of the Hyperion. Three figures stand there, a marine in full armor, an officer in uniform, and a ruggedly dressed Jim Raynor, with more hair of course. These are the first images of the Blizzcon Preview into the StarCraft II Single-Player Campaign. For those of us who were not lucky enough to go to Blizzcon, this is the walk through of a masterpiece in the works by Rob Pardo himself.

Starting off in the bridge of the Hyperion, Rob begins by telling us what has happened to Jimmy in the past few years since Broodwar. He's been drinking, he's bitter and he's leading a broke army, couldn't have gone any other way I guess. One of the first interesting features that the new bridge interface offers is dialogue between the characters. These dialogues offer tid-bits on campaigns and more depth into the story. The bridge isn't the only place you can visit either. There is also an armory and a cantina available with their own unique features as well. The most depth offered by the campaign could possibly be the Star Map. As the name implies, it's a star map. From here you can access information on the different planets in the star map. This is also where you access your campaign missions.

You will probably want to find out the rest by watching the preview, but I will entice you some more; as the preview comes to an end it leaves us with a cliffhanger. To give you a clue, a character appears and his name rhymes with "Bear-a-stool".

Below are links to the same video, the IGN one is split into two separate videos while the Gamespot one is just all one video.

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